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YPay Financial Services aims to achieve a financially stable Pakistan, by creating easy investment oppurtunities for everyone.

Why Us?

Investments are hard to make and manage, we solve this problem for our audience through:

No Fixed Lock-In Time Period

Request a deposit or ask for withdrawl anytime.

Smart Insights

What does your financial month look like? We will always tell you :)

Free! Purchase

YPay doesn't charge you anything for investing your money.


We are secure, with 256-bit AES encryption ensuring your data's safety.

Ensuring Returns

We make your money work for you. Invest for as long as you want to.

Easy Signup

We believe investment should be easy, we believe the same about Signups!


Make your Money Work!

At YPay we make your idle money work for you, giving you long-term profits. We provide the ability to invest in multiple partner AMCs to ensure minimum risks and suitable returns always.


Spreading Financial Literacy

We strive to make the investment climate of Pakistan better by spreading Financial Literacy. Making our youth financially literate will help generate enough domestic long-term savings to achieve sustainable growth.

“ Why Pakistan should be obsessed about Financial Literacy? ” Read here
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About Us


Our Mission

As Pakistan grows towards a digital future, we aim to facilitate our people move towards the future of investments, through YPay we offer them not just a platform to invest their money, but also a place where they can track what their current financial stats look like.

  • We diversify your portfolio to maximize profits
  • Always know about your portfolio
  • Do all this and more via YPay's App

Blog Posts


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YPay Financial Literacy Oct 16, 2020

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Benefits of investing at an early age

YPay Financial Literacy Oct 10, 2020

When a person is in their 20s, all they want is to explore and enjoy life. Living on the edge is not just a phrase, but a lifestyle for youngsters. However, while you may enjoy living a stress-free life in your 20s...

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